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Quality growth investing is not the product of financial wizardry or complex algorithmic understanding of market dynamics. It’s based on the belief that the best investments are great companies with outstanding track records, compelling propositions, and enduring competitive advantage. It’s about having the patience and the nerve to stick with your convictions, even when the market is moving against you. It’s about believing in the process.

At Colts Neck Financial, the metrics we rely on are not fundamentally different than those used by other investors. Some firms may have incentives that lead them to prioritize short-term performance, We use “quality” factors to lean towards to the long-term and specific client time horizons.

Throughout the years we have invested through many economic cycles. In that time, we have identified three common mistakes that we believe are avoidable and can significantly improve client’s long-term performance.


1. Excessive focus on earnings

We believe that EPS (earnings per share) provides an excessively short-term view of the financial health of a company. As long-term investors, we prefer measures that assess a company’s ability to generate returns for investors years into the future. We evaluate a company’s ability to generate earnings and free cash flow. Cash flow is king: It can allow a company to reinvest in its business, make acquisitions, protect itself in downturns or pay dividends. It represents the lifeblood of a company and acts as our compass when it comes to selecting companies.

2. Attempting to time the market

It is perfectly rational for investors to look for the most opportune time to trade. Yet, Over time, quality reveals itself. Markets rise and fall, and strong companies usually outperform in the end, and with less volatility than the broader market. Moreover, holding positions for the long term, seven years or longer in the case of our strategies, provides an opportunity for returns to be significantly boosted by compounding. Short-term investors risk missing out entirely on this important component of wealth creation.

3. Focusing on the stock, not the company

Stocks and companies are different things. Stock prices constantly fluctuate for numerous reasons which are not always related to the quality of the underlying business, such as broader market sentiment, news stories or short-term earnings reports. None of these tell you much about a company’s overall quality and ability to generate free cash flow or the quality of its management team.

We have accrued a lot of experience over the years, but that doesn’t mean we have all the answers. However, following our time-tested basic principles will improve most investors’ performance over time. It isn’t always easy, and it’s natural for investors to doubt their convictions when the market turns against them. But by putting in the work to truly understand a company before we invest and focusing our attention on the fundamental data rather than market sentiment, headlines and politics – clients and their family’s have been be satisfied with our results and continue to TRUST COLTS NECK FINANCIAL.

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Gregory Calderaro

Gregory has over 30 years of experience in advising clients on technology, strategic and financial matters. He started his career with a five year tenure at Deloitte as a management consultant, servicing clients focusing on technology and process optimization. He later help start the management consulting practice at Eisner Amper focusing on financial technology as a tool for profitability and efficiency. Greg then had the opportunity for an extremely impactful tenure at McKinsey executing cost reduction and financial strategies. He executed due diligence for corporate and asset valuations, mergers, acquisitions and investment banking transactions. In 1996 he started his own firm.

Mr. Calderaro and his company Martin Progressive advised Fortune 500 clients throughout the country. As the need for these resources and services mushroomed on the cusp of the “dot-com” wave, the firm expanded to take the company and its services global. Over the course of the next 36 months, they acquired and expanded offices in the Chicago, Los Angeles, Tampa, Boston and London markets. The company, which grew to over 240 employees was named by INC. MAGAZINE as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the United States in 2000 .

With its headquarters on the 77th floor of Tower One of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, after getting everyone out alive and following a two year stay in NYC, the firm relocated headquarters to New Jersey. In 2005, Greg transacted the company and became a partner at one of the nation’s leading engineering consulting firms, with business management, merger & acquisition and financial responsibilities.

In 2011, Greg was recruited by Morgan Stanley and emerged as an expert in the field of financial and asset management and specializes in providing financial services for businesses and owners focused on increasing corporate value with an understanding and experience of the challenges faced managing growth, risk and exit strategies.

In 2014, Greg was courted in an expansion movement at LPL Financial and promulgated his special consultative management, technology and financial expertise to the nation’s largest financial services companies and their clients. In 2021 Greg expanded his reach by partnering with TDAmeritrade & Garden State Securities to focus on Investment Banking and Corporate Finance. 

In 2021, Mr. Calderaro joined Garden State Securities, clearing and custody with Charles Schwab where he runs a Financial Advisory Practice and is a member of Investment Banking/Corporate Finance team, The GSS Capital Group.

Gregory holds a degree in Computer Science from The City University of New York and holds FINRA Series 7, 63, 65 licenses. He was born in New York City, resides in Monmouth County New Jersey and is active in his church and community as Fire Police officer, a board member and advisor to the Business Association and sits on the Economic Development Committee.

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